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There are many domestic netizens who have a view that Poland’s attitude toward Jews is inferior, and Russia’s attitude towards Jews is generally good in history. Therefore, if Poland and Russia collide, Israel will stand up to help Russia. Is this true?

This kind of thing will never happen. For historical reasons, it is true that Poland showed a greater tendency to resent the Jews before World War II, and during the Second World War there were Polish radical nationalists who persecuted the Jews along with the Nazis. But such a situation is not enough to make Israel help Russia in the event of a conflict between Poland and Russia.


This is also a historical reason, when discrimination against Jews in Europe was a common phenomenon. It used the financial power and various influences to obtain a large amount of wealth, which made the European governments at that time have a huge financial burden. At that time, not only Poland, but many regions had certain resistance to Jews. In addition, the Jewish religion is not compatible with Europe. Therefore, if Israel's attitude toward Jews can allow Israel to help Russia, how can the discrimination against the Jewish nation be resolved and explained in the Soviet era?

In addition, Israel will not help Russia in its international political stance in terms of military power and possible confrontation. The contradiction between Poland and Russia stems from the suppression and containment of NATO's eastward expansion after the end of the Cold War. After the end of the Cold War, NATO has infiltrated its own forces into Eastern Europe a little bit, and its controlled areas are also close to Russia. boundary. The contradiction between Ukraine and Russia comes mainly from this.