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When it comes to a new way of eating, many people like it. It is a buffet. Buffets are popular because they are cheap and can eat different foods without limit. Buffets are very popular in foreign countries. Nowadays, Chinese people are also very popular. Nowadays, the buffet has been combined with the Chinese way of eating. Xiaobian has eaten a buffet and is combined with hot pot. The hot pot ingredients are casually selected, and the desserts and seafood are taken casually. This should be the most cost-effective for Xiaobian. The buffet is up. However, Xiaobian doesn't eat much, so she can't eat it at all, but Xiaobian's friends can eat especially. Eating is like pouring it in. The key is how to eat it will not be fat.


The food of the buffet is especially large, almost as long as it can be eaten, it can be seen here, and there are all kinds of drinks and drinks, and the environment is very good, which is very popular among diners. But the ingredients in the buffet are not very cost-effective, if the food in the cafeteria is very skillful, in order not to let yourself lose money. Many people are fooled, and I don't know. Xiaobian wants to share with you several kinds of ingredients that are easy to be pitted. When you eat buffet, do you choose? Come and see what everyone has eaten! Eat 3 kinds of food for the buffet pit people, eat it and eat it, and the last girl loves it


Banana: Banana is the most common fruit we eat. Many people want to eat a few bananas in the cafeteria, but banana is a food that is easy to be full. If you eat bananas in the cafeteria, then you will be given a routine by the store. Because the banana is easy to satiety, you can't eat other things, then the restaurant will be stable. Therefore, to the cafeteria, you should eat less bananas and eat less other fruits. After all, the fruits can be eaten regularly at home. If you spend money at the cafeteria to eat fruits, you will not be able to say anything. of. Fruit can be eaten after a meal, which is good for digestion and absorption.